Sydney Dining Highlights

      The Meat & Wine Co Launches in Barangaroo with Whisky Room

      Sydney’s iconic restaurant The Meat & Wine Co is opening its doors to a stylish new fit out with harbour side views in The Streets of Barangaroo.

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      With great attention to detail and no expense spared, the new flagship location will be the most lavish and exceptional Meat & Wine Co venue to date. 

      Bradley Michael, Founder of The Meat & Wine Co said, “We pride ourselves in providing the best of the best for our guests and this venue will be the pack leader. The location encompasses culture, heritage and offers guests a unique Afrocentric dining experience.” 

      With no intention of ‘fitting in’ The Meat & Wine Co will be a stand out venue with the introduction of new urban architectural designs and a brand-new menu. The restaurant, famous for its Afrocentric interior and heritage dining elements, will continue to offer a selection of classic and contemporary dishes with a touch of distinctive South African flavours. 

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      Liquid Master, Joel Davis and Food Manager, Peter Popow have developed an Autumn/Winter menu which sees the extensive beverage list tailored to compliment the food offerings. 

      Davis and Popow have crafted the menu based on five key pillars, Meat Medley Celebration; the brand’s new edition menu inclusions – Seafood; African Flavours; the Bar Menu and thePremium Steak Range

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      Meat Medley Celebration

      The new menu celebrates all different types of meat and its relationship with the beverage menu, consisting of boutique wines carefully selected to compliment any type of meat and marble score on the menu, whether it’s a high-grade Wagyu or a fillet of fish.

      Seafood - New Edition

      For the first time, The Meat & Wine Co will introduce a wide range of seafood items, including, a bold and generous Crustacean Platter accompanied by a selection ofwhite wines to enhance the experience. 

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      African Flavours

      To keep close and remain true to the brand’s origin, the menu continues to subtly infuse unique African flavours into certain dishes.

      A diverse selection of boutique South African wines have been introduced to enrich the African flavours, such as; PinotageCape BlendsChenin Blanc and Field Blends

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      Bar Menu​

      Guests at the bar can order from the 'small plates' option which also forms part of the extensive menu to cater for people dining in the main restaurant. 

      Items to watch out for include Biltong Poppers on Horseradish AioliSouth African Smoked Cape Hake ​C​od withcharred ​Jalapeno Puree as well as a new take on the classic ​Prawn ​Cocktail, and Wagyu Tartar with a Smoked Egg Yolk and Beef Tendon Crisps.   

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      Premium Steak Range

      ​An exciting new addition to the menu is the limited edition Premium Steak Range for the serious meat lovers. The brand’s ongoing partnership with Clover Valley Fine Foods will allow for limited release cuts, constantly rotating based on availability. Guests will be able to experience a wide variety of cuts, such as the 1.5 kg Full Blood Wagyu T-Bone to share between four and a 300g Hanger Steak Dry Rubbed with Native Peppers.

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      The architecture and design pays homage to Barangaroo’s historical Aboriginal fishing culture via elaborate ceiling installations crafted from a variety of replica short staffed paddles scattered throughout the restaurant. Whilst the South African vibes are infused through the textures, tonalities and finishes.  

      Callie Van Der Merwe, Founder of Design Partnership said, “We drew rich inspiration from both Aboriginal and African traditions. These visual clues are reflected in some of the architectural elements of the restaurant.”  

      Other new architectural editions includes a private ‘Whiskey Room’ for the distinguished Whiskey enthusiasts. The room has been designed with striking finishes including hand stitched leather and handmade furniture from South Africa. 

      The Meat & Wine Co

      Ground Level, International Tower One, 

      100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000


      Build and Shop Fitters: Vince Carioti AVA Construction