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      Coco Cubano Rouse Hill

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      Coco Cubano is a Cuban inspired chain of coffee houses that serves up tasty meals and fine coffee. We visited Coco Cubano in Rouse Hill over the Christmas break and enjoyed the European ambience and fare. Sit back inside the cafe and admire the decor and staff in their chic uniforms.

      The Oven Baked Eggs included  free range eggs baked w/ chorizo, beans, arrabiata, fresh salsa served w/ sourdough toast, a hearty breakfast. Along with a satisfying latte.

      It was tempting to order the Havana Feast with  free range fried eggs, bacon, grilled chorizo, salsa, smokey beans & sourdough toast.

      Full marks for the fact the breakfast menu is available all day and night.

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      Says their website - 

      "Taking the best in European cafés and bars, and blending with the casual, indulgent charm of Cuba - Tony and Avril Melhem created an experience like no other.

      Coco Cubano offers you a relaxing, comfortable, rich and redolent place to enjoy for an hour, or a day. To enjoy a Hemmingway Mojito… or two.

      Coco Cubano was born to celebrate Cuba’s delicious contradictions – celebrating the Country’s persistence to always go against the grain. The blend of its historical make-up, its dynamism and its intrinsic beauty. From sprawling colonial mansions, to vibrant street music.  

      Coco Cubano takes the best of Cuba, mixing hedonistic espresso, chocolate, cocktails and food to bring the experience to life. The café and bar takes the creation of pleasurable and comfortable environments seriously and blends with the best in customer service and delivery.

      Through sourcing coffee beans from the world’s finest plantations in Cuba, Colombia and Brazil, Coco Cubano has created a world-class range of delicious espresso.  The signature chocolate drink - - the 'Plantation 1748' – was designed from 100% single origin Cuban dark couverture chocolate made from handpicked organic cocoa.

      Between 1920 and 1933 Cuba was an unheralded preserve for Prohibition-era drinks and was home to the hordes of thirsty Americans that flocked south. Hundreds of famous cocktails were born. Coco Cubano is keeping the dark heart of Cuban cocktails alive, serving specialty signature Mojito cocktails and Latin American wines. 

      To complete the Cuban experience, Coco Cubano has sourced the finest hand rolled premium Cuban cigars.

      The Coco Cubano team are proud to call themselves revolucionaries. Coco Cubano is transforming the way Australians see café / bars, and are opening our eyes to the unique blend of quality, taste, service and delivery. 

      Viva la revolución!"

      I'm not sure it's a revolution but it's serviceable. Especially if you've been shopping in the centre and want a relaxing atmosphere. The strength is in its Cuban vibe.

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