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      Guzman Y Gomez Crows Nest

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      Guzman Y Gomez is a top notch fast food Mexican restaurant with many outlets, but the one in Crows Nest is a winner. Even in the peak of holiday season this place gets packed out at lunch times. I love their deal with only $1 extra for water or soft drink.

      Staff here are friendly and engage a bit more than just "hi, what do you want?" and can actually chat with customers.

      Guzman Y Gomez is easily accessible in Crows Nest with an affordable car park across the road.

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      Guzman Y Gomez offers large portions for the price and in my opinion the quality is spot on. When I bite into a large burrito it feels like you're eating fresh delicious Mexican food rather than mere fast food. I also find the food has some kick, which is something I look for. Why should fast food always be plain?

      So I enjoyed the spicy Pork Chipotle (in the packaging above), and considered the other great flavours of Steak Chipotle (also spicy) and the Spicy Chicken Guerrero.

      It seems I always order the burritos at Guzman Y Gomez, and one day I'll break out into the Tacos, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Quesadillas or Nachos. Not to mention the salads.

      I also don't leave feeling heavy and bloated. As well as fresh and tasty, the word "healthy" is appropriate. Mexican itself is a reasonably healthy fast food option, but Guzman Y Gomez goes the extra mile with low fat, low GI ingredients.

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