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Best Burgers in Sydney

Best burgers in Sydney according to The World Loves Sydney. Sydney is still riding a burger wave that doesn't look to be abating. We are still in burger overdrive.

Bar Luca - CBD

This eleganyt pub has become famous for its burgers even though it does other stuff well. Cocktails on point. Service on point. Great atmosphere. But it's the burgers that many come for. I'm sure they do other great food but when the burgers are this good why venture into other types of pub food?

The Blame Canada is becoming more famous that the debonair Canadian pPrime Minister. This burger is as elegant as Trudeau and stands out in a sea of excellent burgers on the scene. The Blame Canada started as a special, but was made permanent status due to its popularity.

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Best in Australia? The Blame Canada. Poutine baby! When you look at this burger it draws you in - the proportions and balance is perfect and it just looks meaty and oozy and cheesy. How we like it. 

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In the heart of the CBD lies Bar Luca, a standout destination for its bar prowess but also for its world class burger game. We visited with Simon Food favourites, a burger aficionado and legend of the Sydney foodie scene. This is surely the place to come if you want burgers that capture the essence of what a burger is all about. The noted Fatties Burgers Appreciation Society is all over this place and their first class burgers.

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Arriving at Bar Luca you immediately realise this is a serious burger destination. Kitchen staff are working as a well oiled team with Owner, visionary and Head Chef Sarah Robbins at the helm. Speaking with Sarah she is passionate about Bar Luca and the burger experience. They are not just trotting out the burgers, but each burger is constructed with care (as we witnessed). We watched them at work for 10 minutes or so, performing under the pressure of high number of customers.

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Back to the Blame Canada. The poutine is groundbreaking and unique, and forms the base of the burger. The quality double patty meat is on point. The candied bacon is addictive and the cheese is perfection. may be a calorie or two here but loosen the tie office workers and indulge. Go to the gym tomorrow. Juicy, creamy sexy bliss. and th epatty was cooked to perfection - a little bit of pink. With the milk bun, this burger is something you want to dive into.

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Bare Grill

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Visit Bare Grill perched next door to this dreamy view. Bare Grill has to be one of the best value burger joints in Australia. Pull in to the seaside burger joint and be amazed by the affordability and quality of the burgers.

A clue to their secret is the grill; they have both the flame grill and the flat grill, a two part process. The patty is juicy and wonderfully charred in the right places.

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A casual looking seaside cure burger bar belies the burger smarts inside.

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Flaming good! Burgers on the grill and on the pan. The Bare burger is great value as is the The Big Bare double patty burger with seemingly simple ingredients - but it all comes together so magnificently! And that Bar eGrill sauce is magical. I would bet a seaside mansion just to be near the joyous Bare Grill.

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Pub Life Kitchen

Many rank this as the best. This is no dark dingy burger joint but somewhat refined with decent architecture and light streaming through the large windows. Elegant chairs and tables greet the diner, along with tablecloths. Not really a diner style vibe. More like somewhere you'd take your date for a romantic interlude.

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The Heavy D comes with a massive 200g patty - making it almost like a double, Then again I know burger lovers who would also make this a double and have no problem dropping 400g of beef patty. But the oozy American cheese also gets you. As does the streaky bacon - great to have bacon in a burger which has extra flavour! Then there's the awesome special sauce. A grade!

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The innocently labelled Chesseburger also comes with 200g patty and some quality pickles. Also worthy of a rave.

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Mary's - Newtown, CBD

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This place is sexy as, the burgers are compelling. We doubled up on the Mary's burger and it has to be one of the best in Australia. All burgers come with fries at a reasonable price, which is always giving back to the punters.

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This burger could be described as luxe. It just works. The bun is soft . This is not a large burger by any stretch, but it ticks all the boxes. Patty was superb. This could be our new addiction. Grungy decor at the city venue is appealing.

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Chur Burger - Surry Hills, airport

Juicy bespoke burgers that hit the mark, Chur Burger have taken all before them. The vibe is as good as the burgers, where it sometimes seems more like a nightclub than a burger joint. Freshness and a hit of spice is a good thing, as is the quality of the thick beef patty. And don't underestimate the relish. Many rate these as the best burgers in Sydney.

All burgers are interesting and come with great buns. Our barometer for burgers is the beef burger. Chur delivers with Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle - a juicy tasty sensation. This is a large gourmet burger and we are perpetually amazed that it's only $10. The pickles were a highlight and particularly elongated.

The popular Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayo is also a hit, as an alternative to traditional burgers. Grab a Coopers beer, as we did, and imbibe. Or roll out the vegetarian Spiced chickpea fritter, grated beetroot, honey labne, and check out the Marinated grilled chicken, hot sauce mayo, minted slaw.

Chur also delivers on sides with huge serves of fries - including Sweet potato fries, garlic, lime or Chips, chilli salt. A meal in themselves. Chunky as... The word "chur" means sensational in New Zealand speak. These burgers are chur! We agree!



Burger Project - CBD and various


Premium hand made burgers. Neil Perry has hit the sweet spot with Burger Joint, a burger house that excels with plenty of bang for your buck. Finest grass fed beef in Australia is the word - Cape Grim beef. We are in agreeance being big fans of Cape Grim beef over the years and partial to that part of Tasmania. you get the feeling here of freshness and natural ingredients - not stodgy burgers at all.




Rockpool Bar and Grill - CBD

Rockpool and Bar serve up possibly the best burger in Australia. Also Neil Perry inspired, the David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu burger here excites. Other burger places quote Wagyu burgers but usually it's a small percentage of the beef; whereas Rockpool takes it to another level. The Gruyere cheese is no slouch, neither are the pickles and relish. Quality overdrive. Image: Facebook.



The Paddington Inn - Paddington


Paddington has become something of a "burger belt". Maybe a surprise for some, but we couldn't put this Paddo burger down. Juicy and generous this is a cracker in Paddington. Soft bun, swiss cheese, pickles, tomato relish, mayo, mustard, fries. A winner.


Cheekyburger - Paddington


We enjoy the Oxford St Paddington precinct and Cheekyburger is a huge hit. Simple but profound burgers with thick patty and oozy cheese, with soft bun. Cheeky doublecheese is the go, but attempt the Triple cheeseburger to smash your hunger. Great options on the fries front including French fries, Yam fries, and Chilli cheese fries, not to mention other American style snacks. Interesting to see Coconut Water among the sodas. Image credit: Cheekyburger Facebook. What do you think? Where are the best burgers in Sydney?