Sydney Dining Highlights


      Bar Luca Blame Canada Burger

      BurgerSmackdown 161

      Bar Luca impressed with it's world class burger game and vibrant colourful pub ambience.

      Bean Drinking Crows Nest Coffee Sensation


      Bean Drinking is an eclectic cafe in Crows Nest with a devotion to all things coffee and cuisine that impresses. I met up with a PR whiz to discuss marketing and enjoy one of Sydney's best cafes.

      Crows Nest itself is an appealing precinct with several eye catching cafes and restaurants. Getting a table at Bean Drinking can be an issue even though the cafe stretches out into the outdoor area next to green green grass. Such serenity.

      Bean Drinking has its own "coffee lab", serving up ‘batch brew’, ‘pour over’, ‘Syphon’, 'Tasting Flight" (any 3 drinks from the Lab), ‘Cascara’ (coffee cherry tea), 'Sparkling Cold Drip' and ‘Cold Drip’. The SMH awarded Bean Drinking 3 cups so they are top of the class. It's a top notch coffee menu with expert baristas using Synesso and Slayer heavy artillery.

      Best Burgers in Sydney

      Best burgers in Sydney according to The World Loves Sydney. Sydney is still riding a burger wave that doesn't look to be abating. We are still in burger overdrive.

      Chef's Gallery Modern Chinese Cuisine in Parramatta

      ChefsGallery 9

      Chefs Gallery Opening in Parramatta is an educational experience in fine contemporary Chinese cuisine. Starting with Wonton wrappers fried, to crisp to raw wagyu beef sliced with mint and chilli, this was a night to remember. The World Loves Sydney was invited to the launch, the restaurant closing it's doors for a media event to showcase it's innovation and flair.

      Chur Burger - One of Australia's Best Burger Joints


      Chur Burger is one of the best burger joints in Australia hands down. It's loud and it's gourmet. And it's affordable. You could be forgiven this is more like a nightclub than a burger joint with beats pumping. Chur Burger is unique among burger houses and we love it.

      Coco Cubano Rouse Hill

      photo 5

      Coco Cubano is a Cuban inspired chain of coffee houses that serves up tasty meals and fine coffee. We visited Coco Cubano in Rouse Hill over the Christmas break and enjoyed the European ambience and fare. Sit back inside the cafe and admire the decor and staff in their chic uniforms.

      The Oven Baked Eggs included  free range eggs baked w/ chorizo, beans, arrabiata, fresh salsa served w/ sourdough toast, a hearty breakfast. Along with a satisfying latte.

      Devon Cafe in Surry Hills Excites


      Devon Cafe in Surry Hills has to be one of the best cafes in Australia. The pedigree is unmistakable - as the sous chef from iconic Bistro Guillaume Zacharay Tan and Jacqui Ektoros from former Guillaime at Bennelong have partnered to create the Devon Café.

      Din Tai Fung A Dumpling Sensation


      Din Tai Fung is a dumpling sensation, and a place The World Loves Sydney was keen to experience. Over the years we have imbibed the best the dumpling world has to offer, having a penchant for dumplings and all. 

      Din Tai Fung Panda Buns for the School Holidays

      DinTaiFungPanda 1 

      Din Tai Fung, home of the world’s tastiest dumplings, will be wreaking school holiday havoc with the release of their brand new Panda Buns. Kung Fu anyone? Din Tai Fung's Panda Buns are on offer for a limited time at Din Tai Fung restaurants throughout Melbourne from March 26-April 10, and in Sydney from the April 9-26, to coincide with state school holidays.

      Guzman Y Gomez Crows Nest

      photo 13

      Guzman Y Gomez is a top notch fast food Mexican restaurant with many outlets, but the one in Crows Nest is a winner. Even in the peak of holiday season this place gets packed out at lunch times. I love their deal with only $1 extra for water or soft drink.

      Staff here are friendly and engage a bit more than just "hi, what do you want?" and can actually chat with customers.

      Hello Sailors Thai

      SydneyHarbourRocks 28

      Sailors Thai is a compelling chic Thai Restaurant in The Rocks area with plenty to offer. We were captivated by the building and the signage, and open restaurant capturing the freshness of Sydney Cove on a hot night; before a spur of the moment "let's do this" dining experience. 

      Noma Australia Innovative Charm

      NomaSydney 106

      Noma Australia was the stuff of dreams; living up to all expectations and beyond. Notice we didn't say "living up to the hype" because it's not about hype. Noma Australia is about genius mixed with sheer hard work, with no shortcuts.This was a night to remember. (This article also largely appears in The World Loves Melbourne website).

      Nomad - Smoky Flavours in Surry Hills


      Nomad restaurant is so hot right now, having recently been awarded a Chef's Hat in the Good Food Guide. Come here for an amazing wine list, modern cuisine and some 8 chefs on hand to please the constant packed out restaurant.

      Pizza Love at Love Supreme Paddington

      SydneyDec2015 46

      Pizza fix? How about Love Supreme in Paddington? Feel the love in this Italian inspired rustic elongated sleek restaurant with wood pile, tins, wine bottles galore, large kitchen and ambient tables.

      Italian style pizza is our weakness and Love Supreme delivers.

      Reuben Hills Cafe in Surry Hills



      Reuben Hills is a uber cafe in trendy Surry Hills that sings with a cacaphony of first class cuisine exuding a playful touch, a chic ambience and top notch coffee. We visired Reuben Hills as part of a sojourn in Surry Hills staying at the Cambridge Hotel nearby. Lining up for 40 minutes on a week day to get in for brunch may seem overbearing, but we soon discovered it was all well worth it. Impressive was the maitre'D giving us regular reports on how the table availablity was looking... Reuben Hills is an elongated and elegant space with exposed brick on a section of the wall and high ceilings.

      Sake Sydney in Double Bay

      SailorsThai 35

      The World Loves Sydney dined in at Sake after an epic night at the Sydney Opera House with Andrew Hagger in concert with friends.

      The Rocks Food & Wine Famil

      The World Loves Sydney (Leo and Christine) was invited to an exclusive famil to experience some of The Rocks finest establishments. The Rocks is unlike anywhere else in Sydney. It has a unique pace and mood, one that allows you to relax and take your time. Like a craft, our first village has been handed down over the years, with each generation finding and nurturing their own interpretation. It’s much more than its beautiful architecture and vibrant culture. It’s a place with heart and soul, shaped by people from the past and embraced by people of today. It’s a place that has been built by hand. It’s eclectic, charming and brimming with stories waiting to be told.