Four Tips for the Budding Fashion Stylist

Australia's Vass Arvanitis, the red-carpet stylist of choice for discerning celebrities,
designers and editors such as Natalie Bassingthwaite and Alex Perry, shares the vital
attributes for being a fashion stylist.
1. You need a flair for fashion, a great imagination and an eye for detail.
“While it is important to monitor trends and know ‘what’s in’ don’t be frightened to
break fashion rules. For a stylist creating new looks it should be instinctual and stem
from creativity and imagination. Be a storyteller and be confident in your vision. Also
try to diversify your skillset so you become more hirable”.
2. You need patience and determination.
“This is the most important tip to being a stylist. The best thing you can do to break
into the industry is intern! Get your experience and network with people in the industry.
Everything will come once you start building relationships - but you must be prepared to
spend the time. Show up every day and be disciplined”.
3. The right positive attitude and be skill full at your art.
“Try and approach everyone you deal with in a happy and positive manner - be a good
communicator. Be social and make sure that you’re active online with sites like Pinterest
so others can view you work. Also, be skillful at what you do making sure you do your
research as this will give you more confidence. Learn how to apply different types of
styling to different vehicles – The same looks needs a different technique depending on
whether television, print or runway”.
4. To be able to work with a team.
“No matter how good you are as a stylist the success of the campaign will always depend
on others like the photographers or make up artists in your team. Brainstorm together to
get the best possible ideas and value other people’s opinions. Deliver what you say you
will and always review after a campaign to get the best results from your efforts”.